I wanted Yules to create an original piece of art this Christmas for her Auntie and Uncle! They have a new home with empty walls that needs decorating and what better way to decorate then with Toddler Art... Ahahaha I'm so evil!

Anyways, the little monster LOVES to paint and create! This huge project took her weeks to create and has many layers! So if you want to attempt this, keep that it mind... It will take a loooooong time, so be patient!
We used one of the awesome giant sheets of paper that I "stole" from Costco! I helped her paint the background and that's about all I helped her with. She picked the paint colors and tools. Each time I let her pick only 2-3 colors to prevent the paint from mixing too much and just looking like brown shiezzz! She used all different sized paint brushes, foam brushes, her fingers and even an old toothbrush! For the last step, I folded and taped an old wrapping paper cardboard tube so she could stamp hearts!

Hopefully they enjoy it as much as Yules enjoyed creating it! ´╗┐