Monsters With Markers!

The monster has been into "drawing" lately! I've been letting her use crayons, but honestly they just aren't cutting it! You have to use a lot more pressure when using crayons and the colors aren't very vivid! I've been hesitant to give her markers... but this past week she was spoiled and given a set of markers by a friend! She got some Crayola PipSqueaks, which are great because they are short and thick which makes it easy for little hands to hold and best of all WASHABLE! She LOVES her new markers and wants to use them all the time! If you're super paranoid like me that your monster is going to get marker everywhere, here are 2 tips!

1. I let the monster play with the markers inside her cardboard playhouse! She was able to draw to her hearts content in there and I knew it wasn't getting on the walls or carpet! If you don't have a cardboard playhouse, a giant box will do just fine and they will have loads of fun sitting inside doodling away!

2. Every few weeks, we hit up Costco and I grab a couple giant sheets of paper for her to draw on! I like the sheets that are in between the many layers of paper towels/ toilet paper! They are a good weight but not as heavy and stiff as cardboard! Best of all they are FREE! Costco just recycles it anyways, so they are more than happy for you to take it away! I like them because they are huge and thick! That means that marker will not bleed through and Yules has a giant canvas area to draw on... which reduces the chances of marker getting on the floor! These large sheets are also great to put on the floor if you are doing messy crafts or activities etc.